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Oil Tank Locating And Property Scans

Oil Tank Locating & Property Scans

Tank Locating is now a very common service due to recent regulations which require a tank to be properly decommissioned if not in use, before a real estate transaction can be finalized. In the late 20th centry (late 70's & early 80's) local authorities may not have required this, nor did they require a permit or inspection to be completed if in fact a tank was closed. So with the lack of readily available documentation at the local town hall, Tank Locating or Tank Searching Services come much in need this day and age.

The tank search process is non-invasive and is used to confirm whether or not an underground tank is present, and if so, where.

The search can be performed by trained Norroc technicians. Access to the interior of the home is recommended, many clues to prior fuel oil usage can be found in basement or furnace area of a home.

Once the property scan is completed Norroc will issue a report of the technicians findings and any areas of concern that may need to be addressed.