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Soil Remediation

Tank Installations

If a discharge of heating oil or any other hazardous material contaminates the soil to a degree that it exceeds the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Soil Clean Up Criteria (SCC) the soil must be remediated or "cleaned up" to bring the site back into compliance with the applicable environmental standard.

For example, in some cases where there has been a discharge from an underground storage tank the soil may not be in violation of applicable NJDEP standard and we can just properly document the conditions and request that the NJDEP Case Manager close the case with a No Further Action (NFA) Letter.

If not, the typical approach to remediating soil contamination is to remove the contaminated soil from the site and properly dispose of that material. This approach is the most time and cost effective in many cases. NorRoc Enterprises has the equipment and experience to effectively perform a full range of projects from the smallest homeowner oil tank leak to large scale commercial and industrial remediation projects.  

NorRoc Enterprises can also help with guidance through the process of filing with the state for grant monies that may be available for your project. These grant’s are given out by the NJ Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) and may cover the entire cost of your project from remediating the soil through restoring your property to it’s former use and appearance.

Groundwater Remediation

Tank Installations

When groundwater is found to be contaminated above the applicable NJDEP Groundwater Quality Criteria, the groundwater must be remediated to bring the site back into compliance.

In cases where there is both soil and groundwater contamination, as in many residential oil tank cases, remediation of both media are usually performed at the same time. In those cases, we dewater the excavation via the use of our vacuum truck, the installation of pumps or with a multi-point dewatering system.  When a vacuum truck is utilized the wastewater is transported to a licensed recycling facility for disposal.  When utilizing a pumping or dewatering system, the contaminated groundwater is treated onsite and discharged either back to the groundwater elsewhere on the site or to the local storm water drainage system, depending on the NJDEP permit.  

In cases where the groundwater is contaminated, but the soil does not have to be remediated, we can remediate the ground water by several methods.  In an effort to remediate a small amount of groundwater contamination, depending on the local geology, one of the simplest methods is to install a monitoring well in the center of the plume of contamination and remove the contaminated groundwater and any floating product via Enhanced Fluid Recovery (EFR).  This is performed with our vacuum truck or portable pumps and can be quite effective in many cases.

A proactive tank maintenance policy can reduce the oil companies and homeowner's liability, ensure peak operating efficiency and build a positive outlook for the oil heat industry.

NorRoc Enterprises utilizes a revolutionary tank cleaning system that allows us to return more of the cleaned oil to your tank than some other processes. Call NorRoc today to schedule an appointment for your tank to be cleaned.